Tuxedo Charlie Cat RIP

Last night my best friend Charlie the cat passed away after a bout with cancer. He was a special little buddy who won over the hearts of many humans, even several who were allergic to him. Words can't describe how much I'm going to miss seeing his face and hearing his purrs everyday.

Here are a few photos and videos of his adventures and fun times with friends. If you have any to add to the collection please send them my way.

Charlie loved to get out of the house, for a romp in the yard or around the block on his leash.

Charlie loved to eat good food, especially his greens including dill, spinach and of course wheat grass. Sadly he never managed to catch the most delicious thing in the world, the taunting birds on the fire escape.

Like all cats Charlie was on a never ending quest to find the perfect place to nap.

Most of all Charlie loved a good visit or cuddle with one of the many humans who loved him...