A while back my friend Jonathan Marcus gave me a ThinkGear MindWave EEG reader to play with. In order to easily connect the brain waves to the other tools that I normally use I wrote a small open source app called BrainOSC that converts the data provided by the ThinkGear API to OSC messages.

Once the initial code was written, the first test was to use the 'blink' value connected to the image capture button in VDMX with the intention of making a camera that only took terrible pictures of you while you were blinking. Here are some of the results from that evening of experimentation:

While writing this I did a google search and it looks like people are using it for their own projects, including being part of a class exercise for a computer vision class at Stony Brook University. If you're using BrainOSC for anything cool that you'd like me to mention on this page please send me an email!