Visual Performances

Along with writing VJ software occasionally I do visual performances at concerts and other events. Sometimes these are shows of my own design and other times I'm brought in to help other people with their projects. Here are a couple of more recent productions that I've been involved with in one way or another.

Girl Talk “All Day” USA Tour 2011

In early 2011 I went on tour with Girl Talk for 3 months helping the video / lighting crew with the setup and performance every night. We visited 40+ cities across the US, below two time lapse videos shot during our two night stay in Washington DC showing off the daily routine.

Jon Hopkins at EMPAC in Troy, NY 2011

In late 2011 I was brought in by EMPAC to do a one off show for visiting electronic musician Jon Hopkins. The idea behind this was a science fiction machine that analyzes the music and creates predictions of the future.

Review from nippertown, “Hopkins was also aided by the evocative graphics of Troy visual artist David Lublin. Lublin’s conceptual pieces helped Hopkin’s already decidedly heady music become straight-up science fiction. One of the things measured onscreen was a so-called “Nostradamus effect”, while graphs playfully pretended to predict things like future musical genres. Sometimes they would make us think more somberly about dire topics like current human energy consumption – forecasting events out to 2077 does wonders to chasten one’s perspective on such things.”

Some still image grabs of the “prediction” graph displays:

VJ White Morpheus (Ongoing)

One of my alter egos for live performances is White Morpheus. Typical outfit is lab coat and goggles as demonstrated in the documentation below.



Sometimes a wireless camera is attached to a body part such as the head or an arm in order to beam live images to the screen and record time lapses.

This is a continuing project, more documentation to come as it happens.

LMNOPF (Collaboration)

My earliest video performances were alongside various friends as part of a collective called LMNOPF. We did a lot of live audio/video remixing, usually involving the dicing up everything from the evening news, vacation footage and camera feeds from the audience.

More of the documentation from shows with Jack Turner and Jonathan Lee Marcus can be found on the original LMNOPF website.

To the right, 52 minutes of remixed late night TV from the year 2003.