Artist rendition by  Fernando Orellana

Artist rendition by Fernando Orellana

I'm an artist / programmer / occasional mathematician based in Brooklyn, NY. For the last 10+ years I've primarily been part a small software company called VIDVOX that makes tools for video artists. It's a great job that lets me connect my love of playing with fun technology, being creative and getting to work alongside lots of other talented people around the world.

Over the last decade as a live visual artist I've had the opportunity to perform at amazing places like Lincoln Center, EMPAC and Mapping Festival. In 2011 I took a few months off from my regular day job responsibilities to get some road experience touring with the infamous Girl Talk as part of the video and lighting crew.

Along with features on some of my personal projects, from time to time you'll find on this site musings on some of my other interests like mathematics, foods, creative practices, telephones, making mistakes and the relationship between art and science.

If you'd like to contact me for whatever reason I can easily be reached on the Internet by email or twitter.