Game of Phones

An ongoing project started in 2012, Game of Phones is the children's game of telephone played by telephone. Participants receive random phone calls during the week. When they answer a prerecorded message left by the player before them. After the round is completed the entire chain of messages is published on the website.

Answer the phone and listen...

Answer the phone and listen...

then repeat after the beep.

then repeat after the beep.

Visit the website to hear the results.

Visit the website to hear the results.

In the first version of the project the rounds were screen recorded and shared online. To the right, one of the most popular early threads.

If you'd like to join send me an email with your name, phone number and the best / worst times of day for receiving calls.

Also be sure to follow Telephonegram on Twitter to read the speech-to-text transcriptions as each new message is recorded and other related announcements.

(photo credit: MOUNTAIN OF WAFFLES)

Other Game of Phones News

T-Shirts and Stickers

The classic round “In Three Dimensions” resulted in the creation of a “Jesus Riding a Horse Riding a Cockroach” logo which are available in t-shirt and sticker form. Available on request.


Eyeo Festival

At the 2014 Eyeo Festival I did a 5 minute Ignite talk titled “What I've learned by eavesdropping on hundreds of rounds of the children’s game ‘Telephone’ played by adults” the slides for which are available for download. The full video of the presentation will be posted online soon.

SXSW 2014

Also in 2014 I made a version of Game of Phones built into a dedicated phone booth called “Telephonegram” for the AT&T / Vice Mobile Movement event at SXSW. Participants passing by the booth were prompted to play whenever the phone inside would start to ring.